Live Soccer Betting in India

Betting on live soccer is not such a simple task: this game is very dynamic and very unpredictable, and the result can dramatically change at the last minute.  The difference between live soccer bets and pre-match bets is the odds: depending on the match progress and the specifics of each game bookmakers can change them. Their values depend not only on the standard statistics of the opponents but also on what actually happens in a particular match. For careful bettors, this is a chance to make good profits. But to properly do soccer live betting, you need to understand how bookmakers calculate the odds and where they take the information for their analysis.

The number of live football betting lines mostly depends on the bookmaker, so the more different lines, the better the bookmaker. You can always find a rich line and great odds for live soccer betting on our portal. Live odds can be influenced not only by game events (e.g. score changes) but also by other factors such as weather conditions, injuries, athlete fatigue, and so on. Cryptocurrencies can also be of great help in live football game betting: you can choose any, as our website provides a wide range of anonymous and instant cryptocurrencies to choose from. - Live Soccer betting

In live soccer betting, the ability to read the game takes first place, rather than the soccer competence and analytical skills, which are decisive for pre-match analysis. Very often the match scenario does not match the expectations or predictions, which were before the starting whistle.

The ability to read live soccer games is a key skill, but it is strongly related to the bettor’s analytical abilities and his knowledge of the soccer game. If we mention any other differences between live and pre-match betting, it is worth noting, that it is time-consuming and psychologically demanding for the player to be able to read live soccer games.

It takes a lot of time to play successfully in live mode as a player needs to monitor matches, analyze what is happening on the field and wait for the right moment to place a bet. The increased tension, high risk of falling into gambling, and tilt are specific features of live football betting, so you need to relax much more often, than in pre-match betting.

Betting on Favorable Odds

Obvious match results are valued by live football betting sites by small odds value. To increase profits, experienced bettors do not miss such matches, and bet on them during the live play, when the value of odds increases. For example, if the first goal is not scored by the favorite, then the odds of his victory will increase compared to the pre-match numbers.

Live Total

This strategy helps you win on live soccer betting by taking into consideration an interesting pattern: in case of high performance of equal opponents in the first half, they score fewer goals later in the game. Therefore, after seeing, that in the first half the players scored 4, 5, or more times, you can bet on the TM of goals scored in the 2nd half at halftime. It is important to consider the live soccer odds on the selected total, placed by the bookie. If you closely follow the game and the current line in life, it is easy to get a good win.

The Total Over

This strategy is best used only in those matches, where the players are most likely will be playing at their full strength. If no goal is scored in the first 10 minutes, the live soccer betting odds on the TO will be around 0.5. The longer a player waits, the higher they will become. The main thing ultimately is not to miss the moment, when you should bet, when watching soccer live stream online. If you end up losing the bet, the next bet should be made in another match. In this case, the amount should be increased over 2 times. It is difficult to call this strategy a win-win, but if you choose the principal matches, it is possible to make good money.

The Total Over Before the Final

If you choose the clubs, that usually play actively near the end of the meeting, then you can bet on the total over before the final. Specialists recommend betting on goals scored around the 70th minute. The effectiveness of this system is higher in matches, where no goal has been scored yet. If for the entire game one team has scored 1 goal, and the other actively seeks to come back, then it is possible to bet on the TO 1.5. The best live football betting sites (for example usually give odds between 1.5 and 2.5 for such outcomes.

Corner Total Betting

If one of the teams begins to play through the defense, and the other team is trying to score a goal at all costs, you should safely bet on the corners total over. Attacks will be constant, and the team must frequently pass the ball over the baseline to defuse the dangerous situation.

The total loss is worth betting with the opposite situation on the field. If both teams are kicking the ball around the center of the field and do not want to attack, then feel free to bet on the total under, before the bookmaker has lowered the live soccer betting odds or reduced the number of corner kicks in the betting parameters.

One interesting strategy is live soccer betting on corners after analyzing the situation in the first half.  For example, if there were few corners in the first half, in the second part of the meeting it is worth taking a risk and betting on the total over. Especially when at least one of the teams is very motivated to win.

The Prestige Goal

The strategy of betting on a defeated underdog is an interesting system for live soccer betting: the player will often lose, but winnings will compensate for losses by very high odds. When one of the teams wins by more than three goals, it often starts to play more passively, allowing a prestige goal to be scored by the losing side.

That’s why it makes sense to bet on the underdog’s goal at least 10-20 minutes before the end of the live soccer game; moreover, it is better to bet on the games when the underdog plays at home. In this situation, the team cannot allow itself to lose in front of the home fans and will try to score the prestige goal.

Betting on the Red Card

A lot of online bookmakers nowadays allow you to make live soccer bets on “red card total”.  You can earn good money on such bets if you choose the matches correctly. In this case, you are interested in matches in which the teams play rough, tensions on the field grow, and the referee is not afraid of giving out cards.