My Tutor Source (MTS) hiring professionals in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has shown its strengths in five out of seven GII pillars, including Creative, Knowledge & Technology Outputs. Following its rise in the ranks, it caught the attention of the educational giant My Tutor Source (MTS). As a result, my Tutor Source did a massive technical recruitment drive in Bangladesh, the most prominent digital marketers. As a result, MTS has hired several marketing experts and interns from Bangladesh.

The marketing team is mainly responsible for managing and defining MTS brand image, conducting campaigns for marketing initiatives, coming up with promotional and marketing materials, managing SEO activities, acting as the media liaison, overseeing external agencies, and producing internal communications. It is safe to say the marketing workforce from Bangladesh has done some fantastic work as its online image has been better than ever.

Besides the Marketing team of trainees and executives, MTS also hired administrative staff, including executives, trainees, managers, technical developers, and assistants. The administrative managers and executives oversee the organization and supply reports, information, and documents, maintenance of weekly routines of all the employees, including the Content writers, SEO experts, and marketing managers. The company’s higher-ups are reportedly very happy with the new staff, and they plan to hire more professionals from the region. One of the best parts of this hiring drive by MTS is how it has offered so many people employment opportunities and made this region stand out more in the world market.

The company, MTS, however, did not stop at just that. To keep its hiring drive active, MTS moved on to hiring content writers and SEO experts from all parts of Bangladesh. The content writers and SEO experts were assigned the duties of finding the best content ideas and keywords for the web pages and blogs and optimizing the content for search media engines. MTS also worked closely with technical developers to kick-start the development of its mobile application.

In a recent interview, MTS’s CEO, Aamir Azam, shared his experience and said:

“I am surprised to realize that no one actually knows the amount of potential that is wasted in this region. We have a lot to learn from the experience of SEO Experts, Content Writers, Marketing Gurus, and other professionals here. Our experience in Bangladesh has been phenomenal so far.”

We think that the best part of this hiring campaign done by My Tutor Source (MTS) has provided employment opportunities to many individuals struggling in a debilitating job market. It means that they did not let the skills and experience of people go wasted in these difficult times, which says a lot about the company’s culture as a whole. Instead, they took the initiative to hire laid-off professionals and give new talent opportunities to work on their skills despite the misfortune of unemployment and the anxiety of uncertainty induced by the global pandemic.

After speaking to the newly hired people from Bangladesh, it would be an understatement to say that we were surprised to see how much they have flourished and evolved ever since they have become a part of MTS remotely. For example, during a conversation with Shuvo Naoshin, who was a fresh graduate; he could not pursue his office job dream because of the pandemic, He said:

“Working as a Content writer for a reputable company has always been my dream job as it is a very noble profession that enhances an individual’s character, caliber, and future. If people remember me as a good writer, that will be mainly because of My Tutor Source (MTS).”

We also talked to Fargana Alam; she was done with her marketing internship when the pandemic happened. While speaking to her, she said;

 “I was inspired by the work My Tutor Source (MTS) was doing, and I knew I had to be a part of it.”

She works remotely with global teams, including business intelligence, product managers, customer support, and the other half of the Bangladesh team. MTS’s revolutionary services in the development and education sector of global South Asia and the Middle East secured the future of hundreds of talented and experienced people who were disrupted.