Popular Career Options In Fashion Industry

Pursuing a career in the fashion industry can be fruitful and advantageous. With its fast-paced environment, creativity, and changing trends, it offers the opportunity to earn a living by working closely with those brave enough to present new designs or concepts. Therefore, it might come in handy if you’re researching jobs in fashion to know what qualifications are needed for each position that might interest you.

Popular Career Options In Fashion Industry

What Does A Career In Fashion Involve?

An exciting aspect of the fashion industry is that many different types of careers exist within its borders. A fashion designer requires artistic creativity and a good understanding of what goes into making certain clothes, from the materials involved to technical design principles. In addition, any designer should be passionate about style and fashion, in general, to truly excel in this line of work.

Popular Careers In Fashion You Can Consider Growing In

1. Fashion Designer

One of the highest-profile roles in the industry and a jack-of-all-trades, clothing designers are the creative geniuses who work on the design of clothes and fashion ranges. Designers can work in almost any specialization, from handbags to sportswear, men’s co-ord sets, and children’s wear. Clothing designers typically work across many settings, such as under big retail brands, independently owned boutiques, or working freelance.

2. Merchandiser

Merchandisers work with buyers to ensure products are placed in the store at the service level, in the correct quantity at the right time, by providing accurate sales data and competitor analysis. They also ensure that products are within allocated space and provide management with critical tracking information needed to improve profitability.

3. Textile Designer

Textile designers create 2D designs for print and replicated textiles. There are two major fields in the industry: interior design, creating textiles for carpets and upholstery (ceilings, furniture, or drapes in a room), and fashion design, which covers all aspects of designing original pieces of clothing.

4. Garment Technologist

There’s no denying it – the fashion industry is innovative. From the inception of textiles, fabric, and garment production to design and model-making, it’s an industry that continues to develop at a head-spinning pace. At Atelier we love working with creative, driven professionals who are looking for a new challenge. Become one of us – join us in our quest to create innovative fashion, and you could become a Garment Technologist!

5. Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustrators are just like fashion bloggers. They help promote products and provide sketches that show new styles. Fashion illustrators often work with designers to create sketches of their products, including clothing, shoes, new trending shirts for men, and accessories. Illustrators may write blogs about new fashion trends to help keep everyone up-to-date on the latest in fashion marketing.

6. Personal Style

Personal stylists usually work in a retail setting with people of all walks of life to advise on personal style in a variety of ways. This role appeals the most to die-hard fashionistas who have an eye for contemporary trends. It’s obvious that it takes a lot of care, patience, and a service-orientated approach to get at this job successfully and offer fantastic advice to your customers.


Fashion is a broad industry with many careers available to its professionals. In addition to being an industry that employs many people, it is also one of the most influential. This means that there are many different opportunities to choose from, whether you are looking to make a career in fashion or just have an interest in fashion and its many careers.