Feng Shui | Art of Positive Living Environment

In general, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of organizing stuff of a home, apartment, or office to convert negative energy into positive energy.

The word “Feng “and “Shui“ literally means Wind & Water. According to Feng Shui, the wind is responsible for carrying out auspicious Chi energy throughout the home. And the water revitalizes the home by delivering positive chi.

The basic principle of Feng Shui is to organize or reorganize the placement of a home, apartment or office, etc. The purpose of doing so is to attract positive energy, good fortune, and wealth towards a home.

The main goal of good Feng Shui is to attract chi energy into a home and ensure its flow throughout the home. It’s essential to balance the chi energy. Good Feng Shui can be achieved using basic five elements: Wood, Water, Earth, Fire & Metal. Each of them has both positive & negative energy. Our goal is to use these elements to attract positive energy and dissolve negative energy.

This discussion will learn the basic 9 tips to do a good Feng Shui in our home or apartment to attract positive force and good fortune.


Clean & brighten up the Main entry

The main entrance is a significant space in Feng Shui. Entry is the place to welcome things into a home. If the entry is not bright enough and doesn’t have enough free

Space, positive energy won’t have access toward a home. We can start to provide enough light and declutter unnecessary stuff. Then we can think about making this space more welcoming by remove or adding any kinds of stuff. The main entry should always be clean and bright. That will welcome positive force into your home and flow throughout the entire home.

Clean all windows & doors

Windows is the entry point of Natural daylights & winds. So it’s high time to cleaning the windows thoroughly if you want to welcome good health into your home. We all know that sunlight is essential to be healthy and good health always welcomes good fortune.

Clean & clear windows also set up a connection between the outside world and indoor spaces with more clarity. To create a good Feng Shui in a home, it’s essential to clean all windows regularly.

Declutter unnecessary things

More free space allows for flowing the positive energy we welcome through the main entry. Find out all unnecessary things and throw them out of your home or apartment. If necessary reorganizing the furniture & other stuff would work great. Ensure the bright sunlight and fresh air are allowed to flow throughout the entire home.

Bring Indoor plants to the welcomes Lifeforce

According to Feng Shui, Plants embody life energy. Indoor plants build a connection between nature & us. Indoor plants also bring freshness and life force into a home. Some plants like English ivy, Spider plants, Snake plants, Aloe Vera, Rubber plan, etc., has the properties to clean the indoor air quality. That brings good health as well as good fortune into the home. Despite these qualities, indoor plants improve the visual looks of the interior spaces.

According to Chinese belief from the ancient age, the lucky bamboo can attract good fortune towards a home or apartment. So it’s time to bring some living green plants into your home.

Clear path

A clear path is very important to allow a smooth workflow for us. So it’s time to take a look throughout your daily paths you need to pass through your home, like in the morning waking up and from bed to washroom and then to the dining room or kitchen as per your necessity. And then when you return home, the main entrance to the living room or bedroom. These paths should be clear and obstacle-free as much as possible.

Fix all defective lights, electronics & other gadgets

Fix all types of hardware of your homes, like lights, home appliances, and broken furniture. If not fixable, then try to remove them from your home or apartment. That will help us to smooth the flow of our daily activities. Eventually, it will attract positive energy into your home and flush out negative forces from home.

Commanding Position

In Feng Shui, the commanding position is one of the most important principles. This principle ensures a position of yourself to help you control your visual governs over the indoor spaces. For example, when placing furniture in your bedroom, make sure that the door should be seen from the bed without being directly in a line.

Commanding position can ensure your command in life & this position attract positive energy into your life.

Keep the toilet door closed

So, keeping the toilets door is really important to do a good Feng Shui at home. Why? The toilet is the place in our home where the water goes out of our home, and as water represents and related to wealth, we would not like our money to being flushed away from our home. So, keep your toilet seat covered and the door closed, as well as make sure of every faucet locked well when not used.

Place a Feng shui fountain if possible.

According to the Feng Shui principle, as we all know that water represents Wealth, placing any water elements like a fountain can be beneficial for your home. It can be placed inside or near the main entrance of a home. It is important to make sure that water flow should be toward the center of a home. That ensures the wealth gets the opportunity to pour into the entire home and your life.

The living environment can affect our life & fortune so widely. So we all should cultivate good Feng Shui in our home. Now it seems to be difficult to figure out where to start and how to start. Don’t be panic; take a long breath and start attracting positive energy into your life one by one. I hope these tips will help your journey towards a good Feng Shui in your home.